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Magyar Agar


Magyar Agar

Hard-working Hungarian

Original name: Magyar Agár

Type: Graioid

Male size: 25½-27½ inches

Female size: 24½-26½ inches

Degree of grooming




Countries of origin Hungary

Did you know ?


Magyar Agars have impressively capacious ribcages to accommodate powerful lungs and a heart that work together to propel these dogs at high speeds.

Magyar Agars are untiring dogs packed with swiftness and staying power. Prized for their endurance and resistance, some Magyar Agars even outperform Greyhounds at some distances on the track. Naturally a little aloof, but never timid, this Hungarian breed is quick, intelligent, loyal and very vigilant.


Magyar Agar In a few words :

  • Head

    Viewed from the side and above, wedge-shaped with fairly broad base.


  • Body

    Long, muscular, well developed withers, firm, broad, very muscular back, very broad, highly muscular, straight loins, broad, slightly sloping croup.


  • Coat

    All sighthound colors and color combinations permitted, save blue, blue-white, brown, wolf gray, black and tan, and tricolors.


  • Ears

    Good size, thick, set medium high, well carried rose ears, clinging to the neck.


  • Tail

    Set medium high, strong, thick, tapering only slightly, curved a little, reaching the hock.


  • Hair

    Short, dense, coarse, flat, in winter a thick, abundant undercoat may develop.



Magyar Agars have solid bones and good muscles, giving the impression of elegant strength. The breed has a long history going back to the arrival of the Magyars in what is present-day Hungary, as proved by skulls unearthed on archeological digs. These dogs were cross-bred with various sighthounds in the 19th century to improve speed and stamina.