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Large Munsterlander


Large Munsterlander

Meet the Munster

Original name: Grosser Münsterländer Vorstehhund

Type: Braccoid

Male size: 23½-25½ inches

Male weight: Approximately 66 lbs

Female size: 22¾-24¾ inches

Female weight: Approximately 66 lbs

Degree of grooming


Pointing Dogs


Countries of origin Germany

Did you know ?


The Large Munsterlander club was established in 1919, after black and white dogs were excluded from the German Longhaired Pointer club because they were felt to have English blood.

Large Munsterlanders are powerful and very muscular pointers that come across as generally racy but noble dogs. Above all, they are gentle, easy learners with proven abilities as a gundog, especially after the shot. Lively, but not nervous.


Large Munsterlander In a few words :

  • Head

    Distinguished, elongated, with insightful expression.


  • Body

    Long, very muscular withers that are of medium height, short, firm, straight back, well defined lumbar region protected by very firm muscles, long, broad croup, sloping moderately and very muscular.


  • Coat

    White with black patches or spots or blue roan. Black head, sometimes with a white snip or blaze.


  • Ears

    Broad, set fairly high, rounded at the bottom, close to the skull.


  • Tail

    Carried level or slightly higher, extending from the topline without a break.


  • Hair

    Long, dense, smooth, not curly or stand-off, as this would hinder the dog in its work.



The history of Large Munsterlanders goes back to the parti-colored bird and hawking dogs used in the Middle Ages, via, among others, 19th century pointers. They are a member of the group of longhaired German pointing dogs first bred at the end of the 19th century that today also includes Small Munsterlanders and German Longhaired Pointers. They come from Munster, a sparsely populated region of western Germany, famous for its castles and gentle way of life.