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German exclusivity

Original name: Kromfohrländer

Type: Braccoid

Male size: 15-18 inches

Male weight: 24-35 lbs

Female size: 15-18 inches

Female weight: 20-31 lbs

Degree of grooming




Countries of origin Germany

Did you know ?


This cross between an English Terrier and a French hound remains a rare breed outside of Germany, where some 200-250 puppies are born every year.

Kromfohrlanders are family and companion dogs that are easy to train, adapting quickly to their circumstances but remaining a little aloof with strangers.


Kromfohrlander In a few words :

  • Head

    Slightly rounded skull without frontal protuberance, very slight frontal furrow, well defined stop.


  • Body

    Solid, straight, medium-length back, loins slightly narrower than the ribcage but well developed, slightly sloping, muscular croup, moderately broad and deep chest.


  • Coat

    White foundation with light brown, tan to very dark brown markings manifesting as patches of very variable size or saddle.


  • Ears

    Triangular, rounded at the tips, close to the cheeks, very mobile, carried according to mood.


  • Tail

    At rest, hanging with the tip curved upward slightly; in action carried sickle-fashion over the back.


  • Hair

    Two varieties: rough coat, with thick, rough textured hair and characteristic beard, and smooth coat, with thick hair but no beard.



Kromfohrlanders are members of one of the youngest German breeds, having only been recognized internationally in 1955. The first person to breed a Kromfohrlander was Ilse Scheifenbaum, who lived near Siegen in west central Germany, close to a place known as Krom Fohr. Its ancestors, the wire-haired Fox Terrier and the Grand Griffon Vendéen, have passed on their affable nature, temperament and character. Morphologically, Kromfohrlanders are much closer to the former than the latter. They are also reminiscent of the Parson Russell Terrier.