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You can find ROYAL CANIN in pet shops across the UK and Ireland.  To find your nearest stockist, enter your postcode or town name below.


Knowledge Centre

Our research centre and extensive network of pet health professionals means we understand cats and dogs.

How Our Food is Made

Deserving the best All our food is made to the strictest quality requirements to ensure absolute safety. Because cats and dogs deserve the best nutrition to remain in the best of health, ROYAL CANIN® is committed to: Select the suppliers of raw materials in accordance with very strict specifications Test the quality of the ingredients…
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Neutering Your Dog

A decision you need to make Neutering is one of the most responsible decisions any dog owner can make. Neutering not only protects against unwanted pregnancies, helping to keep down the number of dogs in rescue, it also offers protection against various diseases including cancers. It can also help with some behavioural problems, although this…
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