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You can find ROYAL CANIN® in pet shops and veterinary practices across the UK and Ireland.  To find your nearest stockist, enter your postcode or town name below.


We also work with various websites where you can purchase ROYAL CANIN®, ensuring a high level of quality of service and accurate recommendation. Click below to view our list of online stockists.

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Our research centre and extensive network of pet health professionals means we understand cats and dogs.

Feline Health Nutrition

Specific needs Whether we love cats for their beauty, their elegance or their agility, a cat is above all a subtle companion. Way of life, sensitivities and age are all crucial parameters when it comes to choosing the right nutritional answer. Because nothing is more comforting and pleasing as a cat owner than seeing your…
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Growth Stages: What Puppies Learn

Many of us have a good idea on how puppies grow from a new-born pup to a fully-fledged adult, but it’s rarer to know what each puppy learns and is able to do at each growth stage. That’s why we wanted to go into more detail about what each growth stage provides in terms of…
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