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Knowledge Centre

Our research centre and extensive network of pet health professionals means we understand cats and dogs.

Injections and Vaccinations for Dogs

Vaccinations Canine distemper, parvovirus, leptospirosis,contagious hepatitis, rabies… potentially deadly diseases can lie in wait, and puppies are particularly at risk when protective maternal antibodies wane. It is therefore essential to keep to a vaccination schedule as directed by your veterinarian and follow-up with regular boosters throughout your dog’s life. The health checks and advice you’ll…
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Kitten Nutrition

Kittens have very different needs compared to adult cats when it comes to nutrition. They have a higher requirement for energy to fuel their growth, and kitten diets tend to be richer in energy to account for this. From around 4 months, nutrition can be adapted to account for that change in growth. Energy needs…
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