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Our research centre and extensive network of pet health professionals means we understand cats and dogs.

How Long is a Chihuahua Pregnant For?

From the date of mating, a Chihuahua’s pregnancy could be anywhere between 58 and 72 days. This is because fertilisation can potentially take place many days after a successful mating. However, the actual length of the pregnancy will be very consistently 62-64 days from the day of ovulation. So if your Chihuahua had veterinary monitoring…
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Allergic to Your Dog?

Allergies to dogs are most commonly caused by the dog’s skin flakes (dander), saliva, urine or the actual fur.  Some people will experience an allergy to their pet as soon as they bring them home, whilst others will be unfortunate enough to develop an allergy months to years after first owning their pet. Once you…
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