Adapted Nutritional Solutions

puppy-insurance_articleActuThe needs of growing puppies or kittens are different from those of adult animals. Their diet must provide them with the energy required not only to maintain body condition but particularly to develop their bodies and ensure harmonious growth. Moreover, their digestive capacities are still immature. Their fast changing dentition determines the size, shape and texture of the kibble. A perfectly tailored nutritional solution supports the body’s reactions by helping improve immune defences.

Throughout the dog’s and cat’s life, diet plays a decisive role in their health. The combination of nutrients helps improve the quality of skin and coat, and anticipates the first signs of ageing. As he gets older, the animal’s diet must be adapted; he becomes more sensitive to dietary transition. The shape, size and texture of the kibble are adapted to avoid, in particular, any oral issues linked to age.

Depending on the animal’s physiological stage and eating behaviour, we offer nutritional solutions in dry or wet format.

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