Breed Focus – The Beagle

18th June 2015

The Beagle is a medium sized hound bred with excellent results from a larger breed. Smaller than the breed from which it descended, taller than the Basset.

Of cheerful disposition, Beagles are bred principally for tracking hares by scent. Bold, very active with energy, stamina and determination, they are even-tempered, intelligent and very amiable animals that are easy to live with.

The elder siblingbeagle-271x300

For many enthusiasts, the Beagle remains the archetype among more than 70 hound breeds.

Beagles have been bred in Europe for centuries; it was the British who established the breed’s characteristics. The Beagle Club was founded in 1890 and the standard followed soon after.

Sturdy quality

These sturdy compact hounds convey quality without any hint of coarseness.

Did you know?

  • in the United Kingdom, demand for Beagles only really took off in the 1960’s. During a 15 year period, the number of Kennel Club registrations exploded from 154 in 1954 to around 4000 in 1969, when it became the most popular breed in the country.

The Beagle in Brief

Ears: Long with rounded tips, reaching almost to the end of the nose when drawn out.

Body: Straight, level top line; powerful, supple loins that are short but well balanced on the whole; chest let down below the elbows.

Colour: Any hound color apart from liver. White tip of the tail.

Coat: Short, dense, weatherproof.

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