Breed Focus – The Boxer

6th July 2015

Did you know? The dark mask must be limited to the muzzle and contrast starkly with the colour of the head so as not to darken the facial expression.

An excellent companion of large proportions. Boxers must be fearless, self-assured, calm and well balanced. Temperament is key and must be given close attention in breeding.

Boxers have long been famed for their devotion and loyalty to their family, as well as their vigilance and unshakable bravery as defenders. They pose no threat to their family, but strangers are viewed with suspicion.

At play, Boxers are happy and friendly but they know no fear when riled. They are easy to train, being obedient, self-confident, courageous and naturally spirited with a keen sense of smell.

Undemanding and clean, they are as suited to the role of family and companion dog as that of defence and utility dog. These are trustworthy dogs without guile or cunning, even later in life.

Beloved of Hunters boxer_151691-298x300

Boxers are directly descended from Bullenbeissers, which were bred by huntsmen to catch and hold game run down by hounds until they arrived on the scene to administer the final blow.

The dog’s jaws therefore had to be as wide as possible, with widely spaced teeth for biting firmly and holding on tight. Bullenbeissers that boasted these characteristics were used as breeding stock; function and utility were the only breeding criteria at the time. The results of such selection were dogs with broad muzzles and upturned noses.

Robust and Powerful

Boxers are sturdy, squarely built dogs of average size with strong bones and smooth coats. Their muscles are taut and well developed, producing a moulded effect. Their movements are lively, noble and powerful. Boxers never appear heavy or cumbersome but they must not be lightweight or insubstantial.

Characteristics – The Boxer in Brief

Head: The harmonious balance between muzzle and skull is the source of beauty in the breed. So the muzzle must be kept in proportion to the skull whether viewed from above or the side.

Ears: When left natural they must be of moderate size and set at the highest point on each side of the skull. At rest, they lie close to the cheek and fall forward forming a clear crease, especially when the dog is alert.

Body: Square, resting on strong, straight legs

Tail: Set high rather than low, of normal length if left natural.

Colour: Fawn and brindle

Coat: Short, hard, glossy and close-fitting

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