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6th August 2015

The Bulldog is the epitome of courage and tenacitybulldog-251x300

Bulldogs are the doyens of dog fancy. They were the subject of the first-ever breed club, which published the first-ever breed standard. Bulldogs give an impression of determination, strength, and activity. They are lively, bold, loyal, dependable and courageous. Yet scratch that fierce surface and you’ll find a very affectionate dog underneath.

Smaller, more compact

This breed was first mentioned in a book on dogs written by J. Caius as long ago as 1576. Compared to their ancestors, which were bred for bull-baiting, contemporary Bulldogs are based on smaller, more compact dogs which were primarily companions. The Bulldog Club in the U.K. opened for business in 1875, taking responsibility for the future of a breed regarded as an icon in its homeland.

Bulldogs are smooth-coated, thick-set, rather close to the ground, broad, powerful and compact. The head is fairly big compared to the body, but no part must be out of proportion thus ruining overall balance, making the dog look deformed or obstructing movement. The face is short, and the muzzle broad, blunt and upturned.

The Bulldog in Brief

Male weight = 55lbs (25kg)

Female weight = 50lbs (23kg)

Grooming: Twice annually

Head: Viewed from the side, it appears to be very high and short from the occiput to the tip of the nose.

Ears: As wide apart, as high and as far from the eyes as possible.

Body: The back is short, strong and broad at the shoulders. The lions are comparatively straighter. The chest is broad, round at the sides, prominent and very deep.

Tail: Very short and set low, jutting out, initially straight then turning downwards.

Colour: Solid or ‘smut’. Dudley, black, and black and tan are highly undesirable.

Coat: Fine texture. Short, close and smooth.

bulldog-2720 Did you know?

In addition to other distinctive characteristics, Bulldogs distinguish themselves with their heavy and constrained gait. They take short, quick steps on the tips of their feet and their back feet never seem to leave the ground.

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