Giving your cat a pill

28th August 2013

“I’ve tried on numerous occasions to give my rescue cat its worming pill and I usually fail miserably. I don’t think my technique is too bad but she is a very nervous cat, are there any tips you can give me?”

We hope that you’ve found our informative video on giving your cat a tablet in this e-newsletter useful, as most often, watching someone show you how to do this is easier than it being described! However, if you are still struggling after watching the video, it is also important that you speak to your cat’s own vet about any difficulties in giving your cat its tablet. Don’t be afraid to tell them, it is a really common problem and very unlikely to be something that you are doing wrong. Veterinary practices are well aware of the issues surrounding pilling a cat and they will (more often than not) be able to offer you alternative solutions.

Category: Ask the Vet