How to train your dog

28th January 2014

Dog ownership brings with it on-going fun, love and companionship.  However, as with any relationship, you have to put in a lot of effort in order to reap the best rewards.  When it comes to dogs, the effort you need to put in generally takes the form of taking the time to socialise and correctly train your companion.  Well-trained dogs tend to be happier, more sociable and better behaved; and a well-behaved dog will be encouraged and welcomed to take part in your family’s life and will enjoy doing so.  To hear more on the top, basic training tips for your dog from ROYAL CANIN®, follow the link for the video below

The Basic Training Format

Dogs learn best by positive association, so if they do something and are immediately rewarded, they will be keen to do that action again – once they realise it is associated with the reward.  The best way to teach your companion is to keep your training sessions short (a few minutes only), fun and to complete multiple sessions a day, every day in multiple locations until your dog is competent.  Rewards can take many forms, such as: food taken from their daily meal allowance, specific training aids such as ROYAL CANIN® Educ, verbal praise or a favourite toy.

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