Pudding the Guide Dog Puppy – 6 Month Pupdate

19th December 2017

Just over four months ago, we posted an article about Pudding – a  guide dog puppy we sponsored around this time last year.

He was adjusting to living with other animals, visiting stores and supermarkets on different modes of transport, and making good early progress – already learning ‘sit’ and ‘down’ at two months old.


Meeting Pudding’s Puppy Walker


As we approached a significant milestone in Pudding’s life, we decided to catch up with his Puppy Walker, Diane, to find out how he’s been getting on over the last few months. At just six months old, Pudding is almost already halfway through his puppy training.


Diane told us that Pudding has been getting on well, and that Pudding and Diana’s other dog, Usher, enjoyed meeting the ROYAL CANIN® team in August where he played with toys and experienced a puppy tunnel for the first time..


Pudding’s Developing Personality


In the evening, Pudding likes a cuddle and will often sit with his head on Diane’s knee looking at her, asking to be let up onto the sofa. Diane’s cat is allowed on the sofa and Pudding doesn’t understand why he’s not, but it’s a part of his important training.


Pudding is confident when he’s out and about, walking through busy towns. He walks well on the lead, but he loves people so keeping his concentration on the task in hand has been a bit of a challenge. Pudding is also sometimes distracted by other dogs, so Diane has been working with him on this with the use of training aids to help entice him away from the distraction.


Pudding’s dog distraction can also be an issue when he’s free running. His recall ability is excellent if he’s alone, but as soon as there is another dog present, Pudding no longer listens.


Pudding isn’t worried by noise; he’s happy to walk alongside noisy traffic, and doesn’t even flinch when their neighbour’s son starts up his motorbike, which is pretty impressive. Diana has started to take Pudding on buses and trains which he’s coped with really well, and absolutely loves seeing all of the other passengers. He’s also been introduced to stairs and lifts, both of which he’s been really confident using.


Puppy Training Progress


Diana is a school governor and has to attend regular meetings, which she takes Pudding along to. He’s always well behaved; he lies under the table and the only noises they ever hear is an occasional loud yawn and him barking in his sleep! Diana is also a speaker for Guide Dogs and has recently partook in talks at schools and at a Beavers group and, despite the large numbers of young people, Pudding has been well-behaved.


Pudding is an adaptable pup; he’s been away a few times with Diana and stayed at other people’s houses, where he’s always been well behaved. He’s also stayed with a local boarder a few times, who has always reported that Pudding has been very good and has been a pleasure to have to stay.


Pudding’s Playtime


At home, Pudding loves to play with Usher and his toys, which he likes to bring to people. His favourites are a squeaky rubber chicken and a squeaky fish. He tries to play with the cat sometimes which the cat isn’t very happy about, so Pudding gets the occasional bop on the nose from his feline companion!


Diane told us that Pudding is great in the home and that he’s never destroyed anything other than toys – even when he’s left by himself, which is great to hear.


Keep an out for Pudding’s 2018 Pupdate


Pudding is a great little dog who is doing really well with his training. On behalf of everyone here at ROYAL CANIN®, we wish him all the best with his training during the festive season.


We really hope that you have enjoyed his latest pupdate and we’re looking forward to sending another report card to you soon.


Sponsor a Guide Dog Puppy


We love hearing about how Pudding is getting on – if you’d like to sponsor a Guide Dog puppy, so that you can receive your very own ‘pupdates’, visit our Christmas Hub to find out more.royal-canin-advent-calendar-day-19

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