Rescue Dog of the Year 2015 Winner

27th March 2015

dog2-300x224Zoe and Zane were little pups dumped in a box on the A5 weighing 1.7 kilos for Zane and 2.2 kilos for Zoe. They were dehydrated and ataxic and very underweight.  They both needed MRI scans which were carried out thanks to the kind donations.


The scans showed they had both been starved of oxygen and their brains were not growing.  Zane unfortunately didn’t make it but Zoe is going from strength to strength she is blind and has little hearing the brain damage is severe but little by little she is growing into a lovely strong girl.

dog3-300x225She has a problem with the cells in her body, the good cells are not destroying the bad cells so life will be hard for her but she is determined to live it to the max.

Her owner Frances, runs the rescue centre Zoe was brought into. Frances decided to give Zoe loving adoption home as she is a special needs dog who will need ongoing vet care.

She is happy and loving and lives with several other dogs who are teaching her how to become a pup



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