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14th March 2016

ROYAL CANIN®’s Approved Weight Management Centre programme for vet practices across the UK was launched by ROYAL CANIN®’s dedicated Weight Management Team, a number of practices across the UK will receive ‘Centre of Excellence’ status for managing overweight or obese cats and dogs educating clients on prevention. Below are a couple of testimonials from the team at Thornbury Veterinary Centre about how they found their training to become an AWMC.

“Structured weight clinics, with whole staff trained the same way, with procedures to follow by various groups of staff resulted in the whole practice talking to the client the same way about
weight management and therefore incredibly increased client compliance to weight clinics.

Our daily training with introduction of ways of body condition scoring made me realise that even I  (and I was always perceived by clients as nagging about patients carrying too much body weight) was too lenient in scoring and that my perception of what is excessive body weight was lacking!

Body scoring charts and cards definitely help to explain to the client how their pet should look as opposed to how it does, they just bring home the message that they actually ARE overweight.

After training I feel more comfortable talking to clients about weight management plus I have more tools (both in mental and physical way) that help to get the message across and increase compliance.”

Justyna Borkowska – Rozanska, MRCVS


“The healthy weight clinics have really helped to build a rapport with clients who I would not necessarily ever have come across in other nurse clinics. The training that we received definitely helped me develop new methods of communicating, especially with more tricky clients.

It is a wonderful feeling when a patient starts to lose weight, with the owner putting our advice into action. One of the best parts is when a previously sceptical owner starts to see the results in weight loss and general demeanour of their pet, and becomes fully on board with the program. Some owners are so pleased when they leave the consult room, after a 2-weeks weigh in with good results, that they announce it to reception…this always makes me laugh!

I feel that my knowledge and skills in nurse clinics have developed hugely, since running these healthy weight clinics.”

Kate Grayer RVN

If you would like further information about our Approved Weight Management Programme please contact us.


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