Why sponsoring a Guide Dog puppy is a perfect Christmas gift

3rd December 2017

As a charity, Guide Dogs transforms the lives of thousands of people living with sight loss every year by enabling them to live with independence and confidence. At ROYAL CANIN® we’re proud to be feeding generations of guide dogs.

In the Christmas season’s spirit of giving, sponsoring a guide dog puppy through the start of training to the finish is a perfect Christmas gift. Guide Dogs give so much to their owners; freedom, independence, companionship and peace of mind. It’s a powerful, charitable and meaningful way to significantly change the quality of a person’s life for the better.

You’ll be given the choice of puppy you wish to sponsor after reading about their personalities, but not only this, there’s also a welcome pack available with some fantastic Guide Dog rewards for the sponsor – whether that’s yourself or the lucky recipient of this great gift.

Let’s find out what a sponsor receives once they begin donating.


What your donations will bring you

Before sponsoring a puppy, you’ll be presented with information regarding the puppies available for sponsorship. You’ll also be able to watch a video of each puppy help you decide which one you want to sponsor.

If you sponsor a puppy from just £1 a week, you’ll be able to watch them grow from a young pup into a fully-fledged Guide Dog.

Here’s what’s included in your welcome pack:

  • Regular Pupdates – following your puppy’s journey to becoming a qualified Guide Dog
  • Photo album with photos of your puppy
  • A personalised certificate
  • A bespoke calendar based on your puppy at the end of each year
  • A fridge magnet with a picture of your puppy

After 24 months of training, your puppy will be a ready to help a person with sight loss, which will then give you the chance to sponsor a new puppy – supporting them along their journey!

Sponsor by 8th of December to receive your welcome pack before Christmas. Be quick if you’re sponsoring a puppy as a Christmas gift for a loved one!

How your donations help guide dog puppies

In 2016, less than 1% of Guide Dogs for the Blind Association’s income came from government funding.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the great things that donations can provide:

  • 80p could help feed a Guide Dog for a day
  • £2 could buy a dog bowl to feed a hungry pup after a hard day’s work
  • £5 could support a working Guide Dog partnership for a day
  • £6 could pay for microchipping for one of our new Guide Dog puppies
  • £10 could buy a grooming kit to keep a Guide Dog looking and feeling great
  • £25 could buy a white harness, the iconic symbol of a fully qualified Guide Dog
  • £50 could buy an Off to School Kit for a puppy moving into puppy walking training

Additionally, £10 could pay for an eye check for a guide gog, and £4.33 could buy a whistle to teach a guide dog puppy essential training commands.

Guide dogs aren’t just cared for during training and when providing a service, they are also cared for when they retire from their duties as working dogs; becoming a family pet instead.

Not only can you do an amazing deed by sponsoring a guide dog puppy for Christmas, through sponsoring a guide dog puppy as a Christmas present to a loved one you can provide them with the joy of knowing that, when it comes to helping others, they were the person you thought of.

Want to sponsor a guide dog? Find out more about how you can help on our Christmas Hub!

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