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Health is…

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At ROYAL CANIN®, we believe that the health of your cat is paramount. That’s why we’re committed to providing nutritional solutions and useful tips to help your cat maintain optimal health. 

Did you know that 39% of cats in the UK are at least overweight? Pet obesity can have a major impact on your cat’s quality of life. 

Body Condition Scoring can help you understand if your cat is an ideal shape – and then take action if not. – helping you to know if you need to take action.

Want to know your cat’s Body Condition Score? Find out more

Each cat is magnificent in its uniqueness. That’s why we make our pure-breed formulas incredible in every detail.

Dry, wet or mixed food? The benefits for your cat

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When it comes to feeding your cat, you may be wondering whether wet or dry cat food – or a combination of the two – is the best choice for their mealtimes. If you’re currently weighing up the benefits of both, read on to make an informed decision on your cat’s diet...

Does my cat have fleas?

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No one likes the thought of them, but the fact is that fleas are a big problem in cats. Causing irritation and even allergies, they are actually the most common cause of skin complaints. And they can affect you too!

Let’s take a look at the warning signs, as well as what you can do both to treat a flea problem, and to prevent one in the first place…

Cats and fussy eating

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Some cats can be finicky and fussy about food. However, if fed the correct way, you can bring this type of behaviour to an end. After all, fussiness is not an inherent trait bred into cats.

Let’s explore the different reasons why a cat may be exhibiting signs of fussiness, and look into what you can do to change your cat’s fussy eating habits…

How do I know when my cat is sick?

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An important part of being a responsible cat owner is keeping an eye on your cat’s health and making sure they are taken to a vet if any problems arise. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know if your cat is unwell. In this article we’ll look at some of the things you can…

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