Crufts 2016 Quiz Answers

Did you take our quiz at Crufts 2016?  Here are all the correct answers…


According to the PFMA how many dogs are there in the UK?

tick 8.5 million


Which of these shows the healthy body weight of a dog?



How long is the normal gestation period for a bitch, from the day of mating?

tick 58-65 days


Which of these is a Shih Tzu?



Which of these is the best way to control how much you feed your dog?

tick Weigh the ration


How many teeth does an adult dog have?

tick 42


How many breeds of dog are recognised as pedigree with the Kennel Club?

tick 210


A dog’s sense of smell is how many times stronger than a human’s?

tick 1000


A dog gets rid of excess heat primarily by?

tick Panting


Roughly how many dogs are estimated to be overweight in the UK?

tick 3 in 5


How many calories are in a single ROYAL CANIN® Educ supplement?

tick 3


If your dog eats 60g of cheese how many doughnuts does that equate to for a human?

tick 2


Which of these is toxic to dogs?

tick Grapes


Which of these is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?



When will identification by microchip become a legal requirement for dogs in England?

tick April 2016


How many calories does an average adult dog weighing 5kg require every day for maintenance?

tick 300kcal


By approximately what percentage will an average adult dog’s energy needs decrease when they are neutered?

tick 30%


Roughly how many times in a day will a Chihuahua’s heart beat?

tick 200 thousand times


Which of these dogs is likely to have the longest life expectancy?

tick Yorkshire Terrier


According to ROYAL CANIN®, at what age do we consider a large breed dog to be ‘senior’?

tick 8 years


A small dog’s digestive tract accounts for 7% of their bodyweight. What percentage of bodyweight does a giant dog’s digestive tract represent?

tick 3%


For an overweight dog on a veterinary supervised weight loss programme, what is considered a safe and healthy rate of weight loss?

tick 1-3% per week


At ROYAL CANIN®, a 13kg Cocker Spaniel is considered a..

tick Medium dog


At what stage of pregnancy does a bitch’s energy requirements increase?

tick From the 6th week onwards


For a lactating bitch, feeding her litter of puppies represents a similar increase in energy requirement to running how many kilometres per day?

tick 60


For which breed was the first ever breed-specific dog food produced by ROYAL CANIN®?

tick Yorkshire Terrier


Approximately what proportion of a dog’s daily protein intake is used to maintain the skin and coat?

tick 1/3


Which of these tailored kibbles is designed for a Labrador



What role can the nutrient ‘fructo-oligo-saccharides’ play in your puppy’s food?

tick Helping to support good digestive performance


Which of these dog breeds has a coat that grows continuously?

tick Poodle