Discover: Nutrition

Objectives of Health Nutrition

The four objectives of Health Nutrition Thanks to scientific and veterinary developments, the traditional concept of nutrition (i.e. developing, sustaining and providing energy to the body) now has many added benefits. These new benefits mark the birth of Health Nutrition. Nutrition has two objectives: Body development and maintenance: Amino acids, minerals, trace elements, vitamins and fatty…
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Rehoming a Rescue Pet

Thinking about taking on a new pet? Why not rehome a rescue animal?  There are many in desperate need of a good home and it’s easier than you’d imagine. Please consider your local rescue centres when thinking about a new canine or feline companion.  If you aren’t sure where your nearest reputable rescues are based,…
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Kitten Nutrition

Kittens have very different needs compared to adult cats when it comes to nutrition. They have a higher requirement for energy to fuel their growth, and kitten diets tend to be richer in energy to account for this.From around 4 months, nutrition can be adapted to account for that change in growth. Energy needs reduce…
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