Cat Illness and Insurance

Although we may make every effort to keep our cats safe, accident, illness and injury are still a possibility. Part of being a cat owner is committing to the costs of caring for them. The routine costs are easy to budget for, but how do you prepare for the veterinary treatment they will need when they become ill?

In modern veterinary practice, you can expect a high standard of care and treatment options and these do incur a cost. Of course, your vet will discuss the options available and between you, you will find a treatment plan that you can afford.

However, having good pet insurance removes this extra worry and allows you to concentrate on getting them the right investigations and treatment.

Pet insurance for assurance

Premiums vary depending on your location and your cat’s characteristics. Any pre-existing conditions will be excluded so it is advisable to insure your cat with the right policy while they are fit and well. Of course, you’ll want to shop around but don’t just base your decision on price.

Policies can vary and it’s easy to overlook the details leaving you open to nasty surprises when you do actually need to make a claim. So read the small print.

Check the level of excess and find out the limitations on claiming for each individual condition. Look for added extras too, such as cover to help with the costs of finding your cat if they are lost or caring for your cat if you are ill.

Make your decision carefully, based on all this information, to get the best from your insurance policy.

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