Cutting Cat Claws – a Quick How-To-Guide

If you’re wondering how to cut your cat’s claws then don’t worry, this simple how-to-guide should help!

What you’ll need

  • Your cat
  • Claw clippers
  • An assistant

How to clip your cat’s claws

Firstly, you need an assistant to hold the cat.

You need to be able to expose the claws, because the cat’s claws retract into the paw. It’s difficult to trim them while they are retracted!Q3-Activation-Creative-10

You can push them out by putting a little bit of pressure on the top of the pad.

Most cats have white claws, which should be in contrast with the pink area – this pink area is called the quick. The quick is where the blood vessels inside the claw are located.

When you are clipping the claws, you want to avoid the quick. If you clip the quick, it will bleed.

Take some claw clippers and, giving yourself plenty of room away from the quick, clip a little of the white section of claw off at the end.

Do this for each claw and you have successfully trimmed your cat’s nails!

Get advice if you need it

If you’re worried about clipping your cat’s claws, it’s always worth getting more information. We’d advise that if you’re at all unsure or have any concerns about trimming your cat’s claws, please contact your vet for advice.

Want to know more?

We hope that you found this advice helpful. If you have another question about cat claws, your cat’s health, or other facts about your feline friend then we’d like to help – sign up to our newsletter below.


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