Dry, Wet or Mixed Food? The Benefits for Your Cat

When it comes to feeding your cat, you may be wondering whether wet or dry cat food – or a combination of the two – is the best choice for their mealtimes. If you’re currently weighing up the benefits of both, read on to make an informed decision on your cat’s diet.

Benefits of wet feeding

Did you know that a cat’s sense of smell is typically 14x stronger than that of the average person, making smell their primary way of interacting with food? Wet cat food provides a rich aroma, which is important for cats to boost their appetite.

Wet food increases your cat’s water intake, helping to keep them hydrated and supporting a healthy bladder and urinary system.

Now that we’ve looked at the primary benefits of wet cat food, let’s take a closer look at dry feeding.

Find out more about the benefits of wet cat food here.

Benefits of dry feeding

If you feed dry cat food, you’ll notice that it’s convenient to store, and serving it to your cat in a bowl couldn’t be easier.

Dry cat food also helps to control the tartar levels on a cat’s teeth to help maintain good oral health.

As we can see, both wet and dry cat food have important and desirable benefits for our lives and our cats’ health, so choosing between the two could potentially be difficult.

However, what if you don’t have to choose? We have a solution that we believe provides the best of both worlds for you and your cat.

Mixed feeding

A combination of both wet and dry complete food will give your cat all of the benefits provided by each food type, like a rich aroma to stimulate their appetite and the crunchy kibble to improve dental health.

Mixed feeding a complete wet and a complete dry diet means that you don’t have to sacrifice the benefits of one type of food for the sake of the other, and you can also provide your cat with variety in texture and taste while meeting all of their needs.

The palatability of your cat’s diet is also essential, find out more about the importance of palatability when feeding your cat.

How to use mixed feeding

If you do decide to mixed feed, remember to adapt the daily feeding amount to take into consideration both foods. Feeding a full day’s allowance of both diets will double your cat’s calorie intake and quickly lead to excess weight gain.

When mixed feeding, we recommend feeding the wet and dry versions of the same cat food – rather than using separate products tailored for different requirements – in order to provide the right amount of specific nutrition to meet your cat’s requirements.

Finally, always consult your vet about your cat’s individual needs before making any changes to their diet.

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