Fleas and Worming for Dogs

The little ‘passengers’ your puppy could carry aren’t good for his health… so regular worming and flea control is essential.


Schnauzer nain noir

Your puppy could have dog or cat fleas – fleas aren’t picky, and as well as causing itching in your dog will bite humans too. You need to treat your puppy, his bed and the house itself, ideally with a product which ‘breaks’ the flea’s lifecycle, otherwise reinfestation will keep on occurring. The simplest way is to use one of the ‘spot-on’ products your vet can recommend.


Worms are parasites which live in the puppy’s intestines, affecting how he digests his food and how much goodness he can extract from it. Round worms and tapeworms are the commonest types, but they are easily treated using veterinary medicines. Don’t be tempted by non-veterinary products, although cheaper they are not nearly as effective.

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