Nutrition and The Environment

ROYAL CANIN® is committed to sustainability


ROYAL CANIN® set up a Quality Policy in 1994, and since has extended this policy throughout the world. It is accompanied by an active citizen approach that focuses on its social commitment and on environmental protection.

At ROYAL CANIN®, the Quality and Sustainability approach is a matter for everyone. All company departments are involved in this constant quest for progress.

ROYAL CANIN®’s commitments

  • Constantly applying an innovation strategy, based on our ability to Listen to our customers and on permanent sharing with our suppliers
  • Implementing selection processes for raw materials so as to guarantee the best quality and safety in our products and to take into account the sustainability of these resources
  • Guaranteeing the dietary safety of the food products manufactured in our plants
  • Regularly investing in its industrial installations to have reliable, high-performance and innovative means
  • Favoring, especially when making new investments, the technologies which are most likely to guarantee environmental protection, provided that they are economically acceptable
  • Guaranteeing the safety of the ROYAL CANIN® women and men, and ensuring that they adhere to this Quality and Sustainable Development approach
  • Preventing pollution and limiting the impacts of our activities on the environment through a Lean approach, especially by optimizing:
  1. the management of our waste products
  2. our consumption of natural resources
  3. the design of our packaging and over-packaging
  4. our control over potential nuisances in relation with our activity

These commitments reflect our determination to constantly improve our Management System, thus guaranteeing our customers’ satisfaction. The success of this approach lies on every staff member’s involvement as they strive for constant progress in their everyday missions.

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