Everything we do is for the cat and dog. Our research centre and extensive network of pet health professionals means we understand cats and dogs, and we want you and your pets to benefit from our knowledge. Read these articles to find out more.

Socialising Your Cat

Important areas in which to socialise and develop your cat include: Careful handling by humans, especially children and new visitors Travelling inside a cat carrier and going in the car Veterinary examinations, including touching the claws (in case they ever need clipping) and tooth brushing (yes you can train a cat to have its teeth brushed…
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Feeding Your Dog According to its Lifestage

WHAT DOES "LIFESTAGE" MEAN? In summary, there are three key stages when it is vitally important to support your dog by providing them with the appropriate tailored nutrition. These three lifestages include: Growth Maintenance (and there will be a difference in maintenance depending on whether your dog is neutered or not and depending on how…
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Dog Grooming Guide

Many owners decide to take their pets to the local dog groomers for the provision of coat care. This is a great option but if you are new to dog ownership, make sure you go to a groomers that has been recommended by your friend or dog breeder – you may even want to pay…
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Educating Your Kitten

Environment A kitten that has been handled by several people from a young age will be more open and curious; this is the same for everyday sounds. The more stimulating the environment, the more well-balanced the kitten is likely to be. If a kitten has grown up in an environment lacking in stimuli, make sure…
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Kitten Body Language

Kittens have an extraordinary talent for communication. Kittens make use of different communication methods depending on whether it wants to communicate with humans or other animals. COMMUNICATING WITH YOU Purring Kittens first begin suckling to express great satisfaction and total dependence on the mother. When your kitten purrs in your company it is believed to…
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Kitten Nutrition

Kittens have very different needs compared to adult cats when it comes to nutrition. They have a higher requirement for energy to fuel their growth, and kitten diets tend to be richer in energy to account for this. From around 4 months, nutrition can be adapted to account for that change in growth. Energy needs…
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