Weight Loss in Multi-Cat Households

  1. Start to use a weight-loss food for the overweight cat only and embark that cat upon a weight-loss regime, as recommended by and under the supervision of the cat’s veterinary surgeon.
  2. Try a routine of feeding both the cats multiple small meals per day, where they are supervised, so you can ensure they eat their own food and don’t steal the other cat’s food.  Feeding in separate rooms may help.  Lift their bowls when they are finished.
  3. If there are two people in the household, start a 5-10 minute evening routine where one person focuses on encouraging the overweight cat to play with toys and exercise and the other person encourages the leaner cat to take additional food (if needed), whilst the overweight cat is side-tracked.
  4. If you must leave food down for your cats, consider leaving the higher energy food (for the leaner cat) in a place that the overweight cat cannot access.  This could be a ledge that the overweight cat is unable to jump up to, or even within a large and firmly, floor-secured box that has an opening which only the leaner cat can fit through.

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