Why does my pet not like his/her diet any more?

There can be a natural variation in the raw materials of our products; this is due to the location where they are grown, the weather conditions, the time of year etcetera. The raw materials can show a variation in odour, texture and taste due to this which can be detectable in the final product. We do thoroughly test any raw material before it enters the factory and only allow materials that do meet our high specifications. The variation will therefore be minor, however, your pet may be extra sensitive to, for example the odour of the product and therefore refuse to eat it if it is slightly different to what they are used to. This may be the cause for the refusal to eat which you have seen in your pet.

Warming the dry food with some warm water or microwaving the wet food for 5-10 seconds (checking the temperature before offering), can enhance the natural aromas and encourage eating.

For a smoother more gradual transition from one bag to another, buying your new bag in advance to enable mixing of the current bag and the new bag together can prove useful.

If you are still concerned, please contact our Customer Helpline on 0845 300 5011 or fill out our contact us form.

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