My pet is overweight how much should I be feeding?

Pet obesity is a disease. It is a growing problem.

If you are concerned your pet is overweight we would recommend speaking to your Vet or Veterinary Nurse who will be able to examine your pet and advise on how to move forward. When tackling pet obesity and looking at diet recommendation, it is important that we do not just simply reduce the cat or dog’s current feeding amount as this can lead to a nutritional imbalance where insufficient levels of nutrients are being provided and your pet may also feel very hungry.

Royal Canin offers a range of diets to support healthy weight loss whilst keeping your pet full and satisfied and then maintain this loss once your pet is at its ideal weight.

Due to the nature of these diets, it is important they are fed under veterinary supervision. Regular weight checks and close monitoring are recommended to ensure the animal achieves the weight loss desired within a safe timescale. Your Vet or Veterinary Nurse will be able to support and advise on your individual pet.

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