Is your packaging recyclable?

To find out if you can recycle our packaging in your area, please contact your local recycling point.

DRY Products

It is essential that the bags we use maintain the nutritional profile and freshness of the product throughout its entire shelf-life and ROYAL CANIN® are constantly researching and developing environmentally friendly packaging. We have launched a selection of our products in Ozone packaging, which is manufactured from recyclable materials; the paper is sourced from sustainably managed forests and the bags are printed with water-based solvent-free ink, and we are continually working towards sustainable packaging for all our dry products.

WET Products

It is more difficult to design recyclable packaging for these, due to the sterilisation process they need to go through during production and also to ensure the product reaches the customer at the same high level of quality as when it was produced. However, as an innovative company, we are continually looking into new ways of using sustainable packaging.


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