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Can I get a sample of your products?

How should I store my pet food?

What is the Palatability Guarantee?



How much should I feed my pet?

Where can I get a measuring cup from?

How do I introduce my pet onto ROYAL CANIN®?



I have not received my voucher

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Loyalty Programme

How do I use my Loyalty points?

How do I register my Loyalty card?

How do I get a new Loyalty card?



Our Breeder Club supports dog and cat breeders across the UK and Ireland. Click here to ask questions about your loyalty points, using the Pro Shop, or any other queries about the Breeder Club.


Show Sponsorship

We are proud to support dog and cat shows around the UK and Ireland. Click here to apply for sponsorship for your show!


The Royal Canin office is closed all day on the 22nd May due to an internal training day, we will re-open 9am on Thursday 23rd May.

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