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Feeding Your Dog

To each dog, their own diet The nutritional requirements of a dog vary greatly from that of man; you shouldn’t be tempted to feed your pets as you feed yourself! Your dog’s daily intake should include not only the energy they require but a balance of all of the nutrients essential to health. The best…
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What to Feed Your Puppy

Your puppy’s first meals Ask what your puppy is eating before he comes home, and keep him on that for a week or so before you change it. The most important thing to remember with feeding puppies is that their digestive systems are still developing – so they are prone to upset tummies. Try an ultra-digestible food…
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How Our Food Is Made

Deserving the best All our food is made to the strictest quality requirements to ensure absolute safety. Because cats and dogs deserve the best nutrition to remain in the best of health, ROYAL CANIN® is committed to: Select the suppliers of raw materials in accordance with very strict specifications Test the quality of the ingredients…
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