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Week by Week From Birth to Weaning

  The first few weeks of a puppy’s life are crucial to their development, and are an exciting time for you to watch and be involved in. This guide takes you through the first 8 weeks, showing you what to expect as your puppies grow. [timeline units="week"] 1 Day 1 Four primitive reflexes At birth,…
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Kittens – From Pre-Weaning to Weaning

As growth and development continues the kittens requirements will change After the colostrum received during the first hours of his life, the kitten suckles maternal milk. In the event of a large litter, or the queens ability to provide milk is insufficient or in the case of orphaned kittens, you may be directed to use…
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Your Puppy’s Growth

How long it takes for a dog to reach adulthood differs widely. Small breed dogs are classed as adult at 10 months old, while other breeds can take 18 months or even two years until they are fully grown. 1st stage of growth Growth is generally divided into two phases. The first stage of growth…
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