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Everyday Care & Hygiene for Your Cat

Contributing to the WELLBEING and health of your cat Brushing the coat, tooth-brushing, keeping an eye on claw length, eye discharges, and possibly ear cleaning are simple gestures which contribute to your cat’s overall physical wellbeing. Care and hygiene If well trained as a kitten, an adult cat should be used to these few gestures…
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Oral Health for Kittens

Milk teeth Good oral health starts off when your kitten is young! When she comes home, she will still have her milk teeth, which she will enjoy using to nibble at anything she can find. These baby teeth are quite fragile, so her kibble needs to be softer and easier to break open than an…
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Dog Care & Maintenance

Looking after your dog This includes dedicating time daily to outings and activities. It also includes a couple of regular practices in hygiene and observation which will ensure good health and identify any possible problems. Outings Social outings and providing physical activity is one of the first considerations when caring for a dog. As a…
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