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Preventing Excess Weight in Cats

The cat is often praised for its ability to regulate food intake according to its needs. However, between 25 and 40% of cats observed by vets show signs of excess weight, so owners need to be careful of the potential for weight gain. It is therefore a good idea to feed diets (such as Health…
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Body Condition Score

  [bodycondition]   Drag the slider so that it roughly matches your pet's weight, and check the accompanying descriptions to assess your pet's body condition. This tool should only be used as a guide to recognise that different breeds have different body characteristics. If you have any concerns, you are strongly advised to consult your…
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Preventing Excess Weight in Dogs

Keeping your dog in shape Excess weight corresponds to an imbalance between energy intakes and energy outputs. Excess food consumption (greater than an animal’s requirements) is usually central to this problem. If the trend continues, weight gain will lead to obesity: a recognised disease. A weight-loss plan which includes a specifically adapted diet will best…
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