A major step forward in canine nutrition

Canine care nutrition is a unique range of complete and balanced products that contain active nutrients to support  health. With tangible results, backed by research and supported by science.

Approved by 2000 Dogs*


  • Omega 3 & 6 nourish coat & skin
  • Selected proteins to support coat health and colour
  • Promotes urine dilution
  • Supports a urinary environment less favourable to urinary stone formation
  • Adapted kibble texture promotes tooth brushing action with a specialised texture
  • Calcium chelators helps to reduce tartar formation
  • High protein content helps maintain muscle mass
  • Moderate fat content helps maintain ideal weight
  • Dietary Fibre satisfies the appetite
  • Limited number of very high quality protein sources
  • Omega fatty acids including GLA, EPA & DHA nourish sensitive skin
  • Balanced soluble to insoluble fibres for digestive comfort
  • Range of prebiotics for healthy gut flora
  • High-quality proteins and advanced cooking techniques for ideal digestion
  •  Specific nutrients including collagen to support joint health
  • Adapted calorie content to help reduce excess weight on the joints
  • High protein content helps maintain muscle mass
  • Soluble & insoluble fibres satisfy the appetite
  • Low fat for a healthy body weight


*Proven results vary per size range. Royal Canin Studies 2018. Compared to Adult Maintenance Diet – applicable to Light Weight Care and Sterilised Care diets. Visible results can be seen after a month of exclusive feeding – applicable to Coat Care, Dental Care, Dermacomfort, Digestive Care, Joint Care and Urinary Care diets. Canine Care Nutrition diets are specifically formulated to support adult dogs with particular sensitivities, they are in no way a replacement for Veterinary advice, if your customer has concerns about their Pet’s health, please advise a Vet visit in addition to a dietary recommendation.