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Our dog and cat food can be found in over 4,000 Vets and Specialist Pet Retailers around the UK and Ireland.  Use the map below to find your nearest stockist.

Some retailers have received specific nutritional training from us, to ensure they can provide you with an accurate and helpful service when choosing the right food for your cat or dog.  We also have an expanding selection of Weight Management Centres, where you can receive dedicated help and advice on helping your pet manage weight concerns.

Please note that not all our products are available from all stockists.  Notably, our Veterinary ranges are typically only available in vet practices.  You are advised to contact the stockist beforehand if you are looking to purchase a particular product.

Our Loyalty Programme is also available in some retailers and vets, allowing you to collect points from each purchase of ROYAL CANIN®.

We also sell through certain online retailers.


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marker-vetVetmarker-vet-loyaltyLoyalty Vetmarker-vet-weightWeight Management Centre

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