Cookie policy

Note: The following information is in addition to and in accordance with our Privacy & Copyright terms.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored safely on your computer, allowing websites to save and retrieve information.  They do not allow access to your operating system or any of your private data, and cannot be used to transmit viruses or malware.

How do we use cookies?

Our cookies can be divided into several categories:

FunctionalThese cookies allow certain functionalities of the website to work.Cookies are used to maintain your login status and the contents of your shopping cart in an online shop.
Active enhancementsThese cookies are set in direct response to something you do or request, and allow the website to change what it displays depending on your preference.If you set user preferences on a website, such as to remember you next time or to remember display options, this may be stored in a cookie so that the site can refer to it later.
Passive enhancementsThese cookies are set in the background, allowing the website to personalise what you see depending on what you’ve done on our site beforeIf you’ve looked at a lot of cat-related pages, we might store that in a cookie and recommend more cat-related pages on a subsequent visit.
AnalyticsThese cookies are used to give us anonymous visitor data .  We use that to see how people are using our website and how we can make it better.We use Google Analytics code on our websites.

How can I disable cookies?

If you would rather we didn’t store cookies at all, you can disable them for our website via your browser settings.  You may find the following links helpful in finding these settings in your chosen browser: