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Knowledge Centre

Our research centre and extensive network of pet health professionals means we understand cats and dogs.

Injections and vaccinations

Your kitten’s initial vaccinations Kitten vaccinations take place in two stages. The first vaccinations take place at the age of 9 weeks. If you wish to take your kitten abroad, ask your vet about rabies vaccination. Boosters in adulthood When your kitten is fifteen months old, your vet should carry out a second booster against flu, enteritis,…
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Everyday care & hygiene for your cat

Contributing to the wellbeing and health of your cat Brushing the coat, tooth-brushing, keeping an eye on claw length, eye discharges, and possibly ear cleaning are simple gestures which contribute to your cat’s overall physical wellbeing. Care and hygiene If well trained as a kitten, an adult cat should be used to these few gestures…
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